CAF 2018 Part III

Myles Astor considered our room at CAF as one of the best of the whole show ! Not bad, being part of 6 in 67… You can see his whole final report here, and his comment on our room just below.

GT Audioworks GTA3r ribbon planar speakers/PASS electronics/Semper Sonus turntable/Triode Wire Labs cabling
A big step up from last year’s sound. Improvements all around including but not limited to just the speakers, front-end source and electronics. The system had a huge but not overblown soundstage in this large room. What really defined the sound of this system was its midrange, transparency and detail (without straying into that hyperdetailed region). There’s no question that this system is capable of even better sound with, for instance, a bit better cartridge. Maybe even a touch better integration in the low end in a better room.