Who we are.

We’re a small outfit, filled with enthusiasm for Audio truth, integrity and thoroughness. After much vinyl listening and experimenting, we came up with several unusual ideas for a turntable. As we couldn’t find anything on the market embodying those concepts, we went ahead… and the resulting Te2 is our first offering, and we’re quite proud of it.

At Sempersonus we aim to develop accurate Audio Equipment that appeals to whoever appreciates fine engineering and vivid, faithful sounds. Appealing, quality parts are used throughout. On top of fidelity, reliability and longevity are absolutely paramount to us.

Where we are.


Yes, we’re in Lisbon, Portugal. A few Kms up the road from where this picture was taken…



Will we be here in 20 years ? We hope so, but we can’t promise. However, our creations will surely be, and most probably in working condition. Our design and assembly processes never loses focus on longevity and reliability. We want our products to last for a looong time – planned obsolescence is alien to us.