Customization is the “ordre du jour” for many consumer products nowadays and they’re certainly an option for our turntables too.

Fortunately the materials we use, besides looking good and lasting long, are available in many colours, meaning that myriad combinations are possible and your imagination effectively becomes the limit.

Remember, we use Alcantara for the front and top faces, Corian for the armboard and logo faceplate, and mahogany or oak for the sideboards. Both Alcantara and Corian are available in dozens of colours, that you can see for yourself at their manufacturer sites, or at any retailer from their distributor networks. The wood sideboards, besides their natural colour, can be tinted (lightly – the grain will still be clearly visible) in almost any colour.

Take a look, make your choice, jot down the references and get in touch with us. An additional, reasonable fee will be added to the final cost of the turntable, but it will be worth it.